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VeraSTAT MxA kit

Myxovirus Resistance Protein I Kit

1 test | REF:VS1004

VeraSTAT MxA kit is an in vitro near-patient diagnostic test for the quantitative determination of Myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA) from whole blood.

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Myxovirus Resistance Protein I Kit

The MxA Kit is used for detection of acute respiratory tract viral infections from symptomatic patients.

  • Sample Volume 7ul
  • Sample Type: Whole Blood
  • Measuring Time: 11 minutes

Rapid Differentiation of Viral and Bacterial Respiratory Infections

Protein (MxA) is an informative general marker for the most common acute viral infections. As a key mediator of infection, MxA protein has the potential to greatly enhance the rapid distinction between viral and bacterial respiratory infections.

VeraSTAT User Guide

VeraSTAT Test Menu

VeraSTAT Testing Process

Collect and prepare sample

1Collect & prepare sample

Enter patient ID

2Enter patient ID

Open wrapped cassette

3Open the individually wrapped cassette & scan the NFC tag

Insert Cassette

4Insert cassette.

Add sample

5Add sample.

Accept and wait for results

6Select the accept button on screen & wait for results to display.

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